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  • Alliance for Green Development
    Nonprofit corporation based in Albuquerque NM that promotes green development through tours, seminars, standards, and educational displays.
  • BioFence
    Biodegradable silt fence for erosion control and wetlands protection. Winner of the 1999 EPA Environmental Technology Award.
  • Brown Panda
    A weekly web magazine on ecological and environmental art, design, architecture, and landscape.
  • Building Concerns
    Supporting ecologically sustainable design and building. Includes the Interior Concerns Resource Guide, a sourcebook of information and product suppliers of more sustainable and healthy building and interior materials and products.
  • Building Industry Professionals for Environmental Responsibility
    BIPER is a US trade organization working to promote environmentally sound resource management and sustainable building technologies. Provides descriptions of research and educational projects they are supporting and contact information.
  • Castleblock
    Architects and engineers specializing in alternative building materials and technologies with a focus on high-performance, recycled content materials. Contains concrete form, plywood substitute, and recycled rubber lumber product information.
  • Cedar Bay Homes
    Custom home builder in Kitsap County, Washington incorporating green building techniques.
  • Development Center for Appropriate Technology
    Non-profit organization that supports the development and use of sustainable technology through education, research, and projects. Includes information on working with code officials. Active in revising building codes to include sustainable issues.
  • EcoDeveloper
    Information on building EcoVillage 1, a high-level sustainable community in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Ecolodging
    A group of specialists that assists with the planning and design of ecotourist facilities worldwide.
  • Elements
    Sustainable Design consulting division of BNIM Architects in Kansas City, MO. Good reading list of books that inspire change.
  • Energy Design Update
    The monthly newsletter on energy-efficient housing, from Cutter Information Corp.
  • EnvironDesign
    Conference on Sustainable Design of buildings. Denver, Colorado, May 2000.
  • Environmental Architecture
    Architectural services for the design of environmental and sustainable buildings, both commercial and private homes. Strawbale, rammed earth, adobe.
  • EPA Green Building
    A gateway to numerous U.S. Environmental Protection Agency webpages on how to improve the environmental performance of buildings with sections dealing with Energy Use, Building Materials, Indoor Air Quality, Water Conservation and Waste.
  • Framework
    Distinctive modular pre-engineered structures for use as schools, classrooms and sports buildings. Also will design new unique modular buildings.
  • Geo Lite Systems
    Manufactures portable, self-contained, solar-powered cabins, cottages or yurts for remote or suburban use.
  • Green Building Alliance
    Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization that provides expert services and reliable information to facilitate green building solutions-- and, in the process, helps our region thrive.
  • Green Building at Penn State
    A research program in sustainable construction at Penn State University Department of Architectural Engineering. Includes a multi-university program exploring sustainable housing solutions for American Indians.
  • Green Building Press
    Publishers of Building for a Future magazine and the Green Building Bible in the United Kingdom.
  • Green Design Initiative
    An academic-industry-government consortium based at Carnegie-Mellon University to develop research and education programs to improve environmental quality while encouraging sustainable economic development.
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