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  • ADA Build it Right
    Your one-stop site for information on designing, building, and inspecting facilities that will meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, ADAAG, ADAAG Manual) and your State Building Codes.
  • Bookmark Inc
    Construction code books.
  • Building Codes Assitance Project
    The Building Codes Assistance Project is dedicated to assisting states in the development and implementation of statewide building energy codes. The value of energy efficiency in properly implemented construction standards is universally recognized as the easiest and most cost-effective way to help consumers save energy and money, make housing more affordable, and reduce air pollution. All of these benefits are difficult or impossible to capture if not taken into consideration at the time of construction.
  • Building Officials Code Administrators
    Providing all types of building codes, training manuals, building permits, home inspectors, home building plans and building plan interpretation. Our building code officials will be happy to help you.
  • Building Standards and Guidelines Program
    A resource on national energy codes and standards. The program is guided and funded by the DOE Office of Building Technology Assistance
  • C-West Code Consultants, Inc.
    Building code consultants. links to building code organizations, building industry sites and various Municipal, State and Federal Government authorities.
  • Code Check
    Online version of the popular field guide to the most common code violations for residential construction.
  • Code Checkers, Inc.
    Code compliance consultant for site plan development, permitting, renovation and maintenance in Florida.
  • Construction Book Express
    Construction Book Express features a cutting-edge collection of resources for construction, design, and facility professionals.
  • Contractor City
    Essential books and software for building trade professionals. Complete line of current building, construction, and electrical codes: residential, commercial and international.
    Purchase up to date building codes for national, international, electrical, uniform, state listings and contacts, training and related products.
  • Graham Marcus & Associates
    Offers Building Inspection Department Services to municipalities and the private sector. Including building code plan review, inspections, administration, permit tracking software, energy code review, and building permit expediting services.
  • Institute for Building Technology and Safety
    Our mission is to lessen the burdens of all levels of government and enhance, economic development, building regulatory efficiency and public safety in the United States.
  • International Code Council
    A nonprofit organization dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national model construction codes.
    A state-of-the-art subscription based reference database online, containing building codes, knowledge-based design solutions and, guidelines to meet the codes.
  • Naffa International, Inc.
    National building and fire codes plan review (residential, commercial, industrial), code analysis, training, code enforcement, building permit process, code discussions, web-enabled solutions, CodeBuddy® software, consulting services, information and resources.
  • Online resource for the CDM Regs
    Comprehensive information on CDM Regulations often known as CDM regs. We can help you understand them.
  • Southern Building Code Congress International
    The SBCCI provides technical, educational, and administrative support to governmental departments and agencies engaged in building codes administration and enforcement. SBCCI also provides similar support to others in the building design and construction industry.

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